“How inappropriate to call this planet earth, when it is quite clearly ocean.” – Arthur C. Clarke

With your Open Water Scuba license, you hold the key to world full of adventures.  To make the most of your new ability to explore the ocean blue, you will need specialized training to teach you everything from how to safely dive deeper, how to photograph the underwater world, and how to explore caves, caverns, and wrecks.  With instructors certified to teach over 30 different PADI and SDI specialities, Third Coast Scuba’s advanced training will help you take your diving to the next level.  Start out by signing up for an Advanced Open Water course today!

What courses do most divers want to make the most of their SCUBA trips?

Advanced Open Water and Nitrox are currently our two most popular courses.  For divers who want to learn how to cave dive, we highly recommend our Sidemount Diver course.

  • In the Advanced Open Water Course you will complete 6 dives, including a deep dive to below 60 feet and an underwater navigation dive.  The Advanced Open Water course is a great opportunity to get more comfortable underwater and improve your buoyancy control.  Our instructors can also tailor the dives to your interests and start to work on the dives that count toward your progression to other specialties like underwater photography and wreck diving.
  • In the Nitrox or Enriched Air Course you will learn how to dive mixtures of air enriched with Nitrogen. Because diving with Nitrox gives you more no decompression time when making repetitive dives, this course is very popular for divers who want to safely fit as many dives as they can into a dive trip.
  • In the Sidemount Diver Course you will learn how to dive scuba equipment in a sidemount configuration.  Because sidemount diving increases your flexibility and streamlining options, it is an important step toward learning to cave dive or technical dive.

What courses does Third Coast Scuba offer?

Third Coast Scuba offers the full complement of PADI specialities and professional courses as well as technical and cave diving courses through both TDI and PADI.  A full listing of the courses we offer is available here.